a different kind of monster

{ I don't have anything to prove, love.
I am the alpha male. }

Niklaus Mikaelson
Original Hybrid

Please, call me K l a u s.



"Which part of what we’re hiding from you? Because, I mean, we’re the secret keepers of the universe. We know everything. You know, like every teenager does. Which is why you have to go and bully people into telling you stuff that doesn’t concern you."

        “A little birdie told me that you’re planning on killing me—again. And aren’t you the murderess of the group? The poor lass left to bloody her hands where her friends refuse to.”

                             ”Don’t be the little witch who bit off more than she could chew, Bonnie. Tell me what you know.”

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        “Sorry, sweetheart, but I’m not in the mood to talk.”


"Klaus. Glad to know you’re still obsessed with me. I thought by having, what was her name? Hope? You’d be over your pathetic pursuit over me."


          “I haven’t exactly been scouring the ends of the earth for you lately, have I, Katerina?”

                                     ”You should show a little more gratitude. Knowing of my brother’s pathetic infatuation with you, I was benevolent enough to show you a little gratitude.”

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Katherine Pierce or Klaus” requested by befucking-polite




            “No, ok? I can’t do this - whatever this is - right now.”

        { He didn’t quite care, pushing past her into the foyer.
                   In fact, her words barely fazed him,
                not just because he was a tad drunk. }

                                  “Don’t be ridiculous, Caroline.”

                  “I don’t need to stay long.
                         Just—have a drink with me, perhaps?”

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    Stiles was deeply lost in his thoughts, that he had no idea he was staring."Huh? Oh sorry about that." He looks the other over, before rubs at his own face."I didn't realize I was doing that."


        “Not a problem, mate.” He glanced at the other male, curiously, and added, “Could I offer you a drink? You look like you need one.”

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She brought a hand to her back where the back of her shirt was wet. Because of her angel status and not wanting to have her wings out all the time for safety and personal reasons, her wings were both there and not there which was normal. They were essentially invisible but when she brought her hand back in front of her, it was red.

"It’s just a scratch," she said smiling at him, trying to play it off like it was nothing, despite the fact her wings becoming visible because she had to focus her energy of acting normal instead of keeping her wings away.

         Brazenly, perhaps, he reached for her hand, assessing the dark crimson that stained her otherwise unmarred skin. “If I recall correctly, a scratch should not produce that much blood.” His hand moved to her shoulder, closer, now, to the source of the wound.

        “Let me see it,” He prompted. Glancing up at her face, he added, “I suppose lying isn’t a skill ingrained in an archangel of the Lord.”

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     “I—- I can’t tell if this is perfect timing…
                or terrible timing.”

      “Hopefully the former.”

               ”Why? Is something the matter?”

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"I’ll heal perfectly fine on my own."


        “What would it take, love, for you to let me help?”