a different kind of monster

{ I don't have anything to prove, love.
I am the alpha male. }

Niklaus Mikaelson
Original Hybrid

Please, call me K l a u s.

c: how’d you get here so fast?

k: i was already on my way.

Every King needs a Queen


        “—You’re not safe here.”

                                           ”You need to leave.”

GIF MEME: Klaus Mikaelson + touching his mouth
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”..Or what?”


        “Or I’ll lose my already wavering control.”

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"I wouldn’t necessarily call him a friend."


                        “Then you won’t mind that I just killed him.”

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"I was out having fun, is that a problem?"


          “—You were supposed to have returned an hour ago. And you can thank Elijah for that, as I was vehemently against you going out at all.”

                         ”I’m beginning to question if you’re responsible enough to be a mother at all.”

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i’ve recently reached a major milestone on this blog (which i still can’t believe happened tbh) so as a way to say thank you, i’ve decided to try and do a little giveaway thing.

          ʳᵘᶫᵉˢ ʸᵒ

                  gotta follow the moose
                  only reblogs will count
                  have fun??? or don’t i mean it’s just pressing a button but pl s

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                             50 icons of their choice.
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                  everyone else will get the free blowjobs that were promised
                  we’re all winners here 


                  icons: my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun

                  themes: i tried ???

let’s say this ends on saturday, september 20th at midnight est. good luck & thanks again for being the best followers i could ever ask for. 

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Send three names:

Take a bullet for.

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———- wait, can you reblog if you don’t mind random starters appearing in your tag whether it’s fluffy, angsty, etc. and if you actually reply to them when they do? just wanna see how many people do tbh.

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